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Hot pool

How far ahead can I book a Hot Pool?

In the summer season we highly recommend to book the Hot pool at least several days in advance as they go very quicly, especially for the evening rounds. Bare in mind that sometimes due to the weather conditions (strong wind) the Hot pool can be canceled.

Are the Hot pools open in the winter?

YES! We have ONE Hot pool open during the winter.

  1. The pool is on the roof
  2. Has ocean view
  3. Maximum capacity of the pool is between 6-8 people

Do I need to stay at Stave Camping to book the Hot pool?

No! Anyone visting or staying in ANDØYA can book the Hot pool.

What do I need to bring with me when I use the Hot Pool?

1. Swimming suit 2. Towels if otherwise we rent them (kr75/piece) 3. Soap 4. A dryer if you normaly use one

What is the maximum capacity of a hot pool?

We have 6 Hot Pools 1. Five of them have the maximum capacity of 4 people 1. One of them has the maximum capacity of 8 people

Is the Hot Pool private?

Yes, it is a private pool.

Are the Hot pools natural hot springs?

Essentially they are electric heated hottubs. The hottubs are full of water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure, with powerful jets for massage purposes. They are build in grass hills with the concept to enjoy the views of the ocean, the surroundings and the wilde life around Stave while relaxing.

Do I have to have a shower before the Hot pool?

Yes, it is mandatory. We provide the essential facilities to make that possible. We recommend to b ring your soap & towel. Note: You can rent a towel (75kr/piece) at the reception if you have forgotten yours.

Can I smoke or eat in the Hot Pool?


Can I have a drink in the Hot pool?

Yes, you can have any type of drink.


How is the Sauna heated?

The Sauna is heated electrically and can go up to 75 degrees. Normally takes a couple of hours to warm up.

Where is Sauna located?

By the beach., 60 meters to the ocean and 80 meters from reception.

Is shower included with the Sauna?

Yes, we give you a shower token / 5 min hot water

Do I have to be a costumer to use the Sauna?

No, anyone visiting or living in Andøya can book the Sauna

What is the maximum capacity of the Sauna?

The maximum capacity is 8-10 people.

If I swim in the sea, is there a shower so I can wash the salt off before I can go back in the sauna?

Yes, There is a shower on the side of the Sauna. The temperature of the shower is powered by the solar energy. We highly recommend to rinse the sea salt before entering the Sauna.

Is the Sauna private?

Yes, it is private

Is the Sauna open in the winter?

Yes, it is open in the winter.

Winter Accommodation

What are the minimum days in booking Northern Lights house ?

One day is the minimum. You can get in touch with us or you book the house with us online.

Do I have the Hot pool or Sauna included if I stay at Stave ?

The Hot pool & Sauna are a service that can be added to the experience of your accommodation. It has a seperate price structure. For more info click on the picture

How likely am I to see Northern lights?

The truth is that we simply cannot say. It must be a dark, cloudless night for the northern lights to be visible. Northern Norway during the polar night is your best bet for experiencing the northern lights. It is known that the n orthern lights shine most often and strongest, a few hours before and after midnight. The northern lights are strongest when an active area on the sun’s surface faces Earth. Spectacular displays of the northern lights thus occur at roughly 27-day intervals, the time it takes the sun to rotate once. October, February and March are the best months for seeing the aurora borealis. Check the Aurora forecast for Norway/ Andøya Click on the picture

How cold could it get on the Andøya island in the winter?

The winter can be quite cold, but not as cold as the Northpole. Check the daily and weekly forecast. Click on the picture

Do I have sheets and towels icluded?

Yes, the sheets and towels are included.

What other activities can I do during the winter.

  • Yoga retreat with Irene
  • Northern lights hikes
  • Wiildlife safari
  • Hot pool
  • Beach Sauna
  • Skiing - Country skiing

Summer Accommodation

Do Cabins have toilet and shower?

The Cabins do not have private toilet and shower. They have all the bassic essentials with simple standard. For the Cabins you use the Public facilities on site. Shower Tokens can be purchased at the reception (20kr/5 min hot water).

How long in advance can I book an accommodation ?

Anytime from January after the winter season you can plan your trip with us. Bare in mind that a deposit will be requested to ensure the booking. In the peak season (July-August) advance booking is probably the best option.

Do Budget Apartments have private toilet and shower?

Nr 1 & 6 have private toilet and shower. The Budget Apartments Nr 2, 3,4,5 do not have private toilet and shower For these flats you use the Public facilities on site. Shower Tokens can be purchased at reception (20kr/5 min hot water).

Do I have sheets and towels included?

Most people bring their own sheets and towels. If you have not brought any with, we rent them (sheets/75kr/piece)- (towels/30kr/piece) This can be easily done at your arrival or online.

Do I have a ocean view for Beach apartment?

Yes, the apartments are with ocean view and have their own wooden private veranda.

Do I have private toilet and shower in the Beach Apartment?

Yes, all the Beach Apartments have private toilet and shower.

What is a Beach Apartment?

These type of apartments are self contained units, typically consist of one room which serves as the living, dining, and bedroom with separate room for the bathroom. These are simple standard studio apartments.

What is a Cabin?

"its a small wooden shelter or house in a wild or remote area." These are simple standard cabins. They are self contained units that houses everything in a room space without toilet and shower.

The Budget Apartment consist of?

These apartments typically consist of one room which serves as the living, dining, and bedroom. Are self contained units and houses everything in a room space without private toilet and shower or with separate room for bathroom. The Budget apartments have once been an old barn. built a hundred years ago from timbers washed up on the beach. We have six of them and they are simple standard studio apartments.


Child friendly Campsite. Children up to 3 years old are free to use the accommodation. Extra person/50kr/night. Baby beds/cot can be provided if requested.


How far in advance do I need to book a space for a tent?

You can just drop by, we have plenty of space for any type of tents.

Can I use electricity for tents?

In the summer season (July-August), electricity for tents it's not an option. If you want to use electricity for your tent, the decision is made depending on the situation & space.

What services do you provide for people using tents?

A kitchen with an oven, electric cooker, a few chairs and bar style tablebench.

  • A small room for Wifi zone or reading books.
  • Toilet facilities
  • Recycling station
  • Shower tokens can be purchaced with 20 kr for 5 minutes hot water
  • BBQ equipment rental
  • The landcape is immense and beautiful, there are plenty of hikes and costal trails around Stave Camping.
  • Hot pool (Starting price 500kr/2 people)
  • Beach Sauna (Starting price 400kr/2 people)
  • Bike Rental (300kr/per bike /whole day)
  • Kayaking (400kr/per kayak/whole day)
Please check with the reception or on the website for more info about the activities at Stave and Andøya

Advice for a good trip here


This is perhaps the most important advice we can give. You are adventuring north into the arctic, so pack accordingly! The south of Norway around Oslo and Lillehammer has summer temperatures similar to northern Europe. However here in the islands it is much more common with beautiful days between 10 and 15 degrees, with an ocean breeze, and in the evenings a bit chillier.

You will want to be outside a lot, perhaps up in the mountains during the day and enjoying the midnight sun on the beach. Our personal favorite clothing choice during the summer are lightweight, ventilated snowboard pants. Perfect for being out at midnight on the beach, and great to have in your day pack during a mountain trip. Also great for being out on whale safari, where you might be out on the ocean for five hours or more.
A good all-weather gortex jacket with some fleece to wear underneath is also a good idea, and a warm hat. Some good warm socks. It might sound like a bit much, but you will be happy as a clam when you are toasty warm and can enjoy the beautiful arctic nature - no matter what the weather!

Mountain and coastal walking

The walking around Stave is quite spectacular. If you want to enjoy secret beaches and spectacular ocean views, plan on a few hikes while you are at Stave. Our staff will be happy to recommend a walking route that fits your desires and abilities. Here are some recommendations on what to have with you:

  • Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots. Much better than running shoes, and necessary on many of the walks.
  • Walking sticks. Very good to have on the steeper trails. They telescope down to fit in your luggage and weigh almost nothing – so bring them : -)
  • Your camera!
  • A good day pack. You will want to carry some extra clothes, food, water etc.

Whale Safari

Most of our guests plan on doing a whale safari while on the island. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Make sure you have warm & windproof clothing
  • The trip is weather dependent – both ocean conditions and weather can change the safari schedule. So if you have more than one day on the island you have a much better chance of getting out on Safari.
  • If you are not booking your safari in advance, start watching about 7 days in advance and try to book the morning / afternoon / evening with the least wind.
  • Of all the different conditions that influence Whale Safari, low wind is the most important.
  • Whale Safari can take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours, depending on how long it takes to find Moby


Stave has a special micro climate. When much of the island is cold and foggy, the coastal area at Stave is very often sunny. The sun shines 24 hours throughout the summer season. "Midnight sun" The weather changes a lot throughout the summer. Can be windy and cold at times especially when the wind comes from the West side of the Island where Stave Camping is located. Sometimes 14 degrees can feel quite hot, enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts. The landscape looks tropical but the tempretures are unpredictable. Months of July and August seam to be the warmest.

Stores & Food

If coming from the south, the last chance for a large store is in Sortland (90 km). Two small village stores around Stave are in Nordmela - on the way to Stave from Sortland and north of Stave there is a cozy café in Bleik (10 km). Larger stores and restaurants are in Andenes, 20 min drive from Stave Camping. Remember, if you are staying in a camping cabin, there is a propane stove - but no equipment. So you will need paper plates etc if you do not have your own equipage.


Stave Beach is one of them, which runs from Stave Camping all the way to the beginning of Stave Village.( 25 min walk/return)
There are also many beautiful beaches on the island e.g Høyvika beach that can be trailed (one hour one way) from Stave village. Some of the secret beaches can be reached kayaking, some can be found by hiking over Måtind and others need a short drive. (Belik- Nordmela - Andenes) Please ask at the reception for more information.

Hot Pools and Beach Sauna

A safari tour or a hike can be physically demanding. A hot pool or a Beach Sauna helps to relax and losen the worked muscles,. These are a nordic outdoor comodity that you can enjoy. ( Summer & Winter)

Getting here

From the south:
When you ross oer the ridge onto our island, look for the large ron Nasjonalturisteg (National Tourist Road) sign. This takes you over to the west coast, up through Nordmela and directly to Stave.
From the North:
Drive south from Andenes and follow the road down the west coast through Bleik. Stave is 10 km further on.
By Bus: use the search function at to plan your route. Bus 2x day past Stave, but not on Sundays.

Andenes –Gryllefjord ferry

No reservations possible. Be early and put your car in line. On the Gryllefjord side a small store where you can shop while you wait. Ferry timetable here:

Puffins, fishing

Puffins are here until about the 2nd week of august. Trips go every day from Bleik, no reservations required.
Fishing is not so good right at Stave because the Ocean is shallow. However there is good fishing elsewhere on the island. Just ask one of the staff and we can show you on a map.


Do you have gray water station?

We don't have a station for it, you can find it in Andenes. Follow the road signs .

Do you have a station for black water?

Yes. It is located behind the campsite.

Do I need to reserve for a spot?

There is no need for a reservation, just drop by, we should have plenty of space.

How do I park my camper?

If by the seaside - Driver seat facing the ocean. If facing thowards the Hot pools, highly recmommed it to park the Campers as below. If facing the mountins you can park the camper as you wish.

Do you have water supply ?

Yes, It is located behind the Campsite.

When do I ckeck out?

Check out time is at 12:00

Can I book/reserve a spot in advance for my camper?

There is no need for a reservation, just drop by. We have plenty of space.

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