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Whales cruising just off the coast. Puffins flying around the Midnight Sun.

Beaches yet to be found. Stave is located in the magic island.


Stave Camping is located on the wild and beautiful West Coast of Andøya, just minutes from the Whale Safari, the Puffin Safari, and the Andenes ferry towards Senja, Tromsø and Nordkapp.

The camping is located just over the Arctic Ocean, right at the start of Stave Coastal Trail – an Arctic coastal wilderness of secret beaches, deep blue lakes, eagles, and trout-filled lakes.

Stave is right on the Norway’s famous National turistic Route – the spectacular coastal route that connects Lofoten to Tromsø and Nordkapp by way of the Andenes – Gryllefjord ferry. 

“Stave” is the old Norwegian word for stake or spear- and the “staves” are visible from many miles out to sea.

We are located 20 minutes south along the coast from Andenes. Coming from the south of Lofoten, Stave Camping is 90 minutes north of Sortland.

When you cross over the bridge onto the island, follow the brown National Tourist Road signs over to the west coast and up to Stave.  

Map of Stave
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