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The Coastal Trail runs 10-kilometer along the west coast of Andøya and passes over the beautiful white-sand beach of Bleik.  

The trail leads you through a truly spectacular coastal landscape of jagged mountains, rocky shorelines, deep blue lakes, secret beaches and breathtaking views over the Arctic Ocean.  

One of the starting points of the trail is from the small village of Stave (5 minutes drive and 20 min walk from Stave Camping.)  

Take left from the gate towards the sea side or turn right to a hill start towards Måtinden. 

The trail from Stave to Bleik including the hike to Måtinden,  takes around 5-6 hours.


Also you can choose to start midway (Baugtua 4 km from Bleik) and instead trek for 2-3 hours towards either Bleik or Stave.


If a short walk is all you need, then the Coastal trail (one hour/one way) towards Hoyvika beach (from Stave village) is the place to trek.  The map below points out the exact route. 

The highest point reached on the trek is Måtind (408 m), where you’ll get a fantastic view towards the picturesque Bleiksøya of which has one of Vesterålen's largest colonies of puffins. Shags, kittiwakes and guillemots. 


Remember to bring along your binoculars! 

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