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About us -Stave Camping

Oppdatert: 14. jun. 2019

Its a holiday destination for those who love and want to explore the arctic nature and its changing climate.

  • A place where you can enjoy a steaming 38´ Hot pool.

  • You can have a Beach Sauna with the option to swim in the arctic ocean along with midnight sun.

  • You can explore the West Coast of the island with a kayak.

  • There are plenty of hikes around.

  • The Island can be cycled if you are up for the challenge.

  • Stave Camping faces the ocean and its surrounded by mountains of which you can hike and trail.

  • The splendid view over the sea, the rocks and the white beach, where you can set up your tent or the park your camper. "Its great listening to the waves at night."

  • Where the Midnight sun and Northern Lights take place.

Welcome to Stave Camping!

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